Kriya Sharir

In this department our goal is to explain the physical activities of human being pretext to Ayurveda Dosha, Dhatu, Mala theory vis-a-vis Modern advances. Also, there is a great deal of emphasis on man (Psyche-Mind) and Atma (Soul) & Functions of Dosha, Dhatu & Mala. In Asthanga Ayurved one may not find this subject separately discussed as a branch. To support logical thinking and to become a successful Ayurved physician one requires thorough knowledge of Sharir Tridosha, Saptadhatu and Trimala. All these aspects are mentioned in the Kriya Sharir subject.

In this department we have a well-equipped Physiology laboratory to study Haematology. We have all types of Microscopes, Equipment and Instruments which are necessary for practical purpose of 1st BAMS students. Also, to study the functions of other organs we have the good Quality Modern Instrument like ECG Machine, Spirometer, Centrifuge Machine etc. to conduct smoothly all type of practical under Physiology. Department is well-decorated with Ayurveda-Modern charts and Models. We have fulfilled all the requirements asper CCIM Rules & Regulations.