Rachana Sharir

This department deals with the study of anatomical structure of Human body (Dissection of cadaver). Knowledge of this subject is important not only for Physicians but also for Surgeons for proper diagnosis of various diseases and for treatment of diseases.

The Rachana Sharir Department follows the syllabus which is prepared by Central Council of Indian medicine and also approved by MUHS Nashik. This department have the good precious museum with fibre models, functional models. Museum is decorated with laminated Ayurvedic & Modern charts. The Micro-Anatomy lab in the museum consists of 5 microscopes and 100 histology slides.

Body preserving tank is available with a capacity of 2-4 cadavers in the cadaver room. Brain & Body sectioning machine is available in the dissection hall. 8 Full size and 10 Half size dissection tables are present. The Dissection hall is well decorated with laminated Ayurvedic and Modern Charts.

For enhancement of the learning, we will regularly update the models, charts etc. In future we are thinking to send the departmental members for different teachers training programs & to attend national & international level seminars & workshops.