Mr. C. N. Katkade

Chairman's Message


Dear students, It is my pleasure and privilege to greet you all by virtue of being the chairman for the group of institution established under our trust. I vividly recall the simple, trustful, sympathetic and empathetic service minded life style of Shri Janardhan Swami. Influencing life of Swami ji in motivating ours sprit and empowering us with strength to take this virtue of establishing Institutes. It is my desire that the students of our institute shall be trained not only a good quality service oriented profession and also as a good citizens of our country. Pharmacy, Nursing, Physiotherapy is medical profession, to serve the people who are in need, console those with grief, help who are weak, heal the wounds, restore joy in times of mentally disturbed and hope in despair. Hence though it is a treacherous and difficult profession. It is a noble and joyful vocation from this day onwards you are going to be a different person. You are not only going to live for ours, but going to learn the art of living for others more than the knowledge – your skill, more than the medicine –your words, more than the disease –your smiles are going to be the stronger weapons of healing.


I assure you to the parents that we will take all efforts to groom your children to become a well disciplined, professionally competent. socially relevant, spiritually alive and good quality skilled both in teaching as well as professionally in the future. Please be in touch with the Principal, Faculty and the management. Cooperate with them in this process of molding your child, share your aspiration and expectation with us, so that we can improve still further. I am sure you will never regret for letting your son or daughter with us. This is an unique campus where the hospital, college, hostel, general store etc are all in the same campus. We will be available 24 hrs for your help, comfort and support. Do consider it as your home away from your house. Be mutually helpful to each other and care your collogues and comfortable and purposeful stay in our campus. Let me wish you all a bright and prosperous future.